Angela Hall

Marianne met us when we arrived and gave us a great walk through of the apartment. It is furnished very well and has lots of great light coming into the space. The bathroom is interesting. There’s not really a traditional bathroom like Americans expect. It seems as though they took some closets and turned one into a toilet room, one into the shower (which is an AMAZING shower, by the way – very roomy and great shower head) and then you just have to use the kitchen sink for your bathroom needs (brushing teeth, etc). It’s not a bad thing at all, just thought others may be interested to know this in advance so they aren’t surprised. The neighborhood is pretty quiet and you are on the 1st floor up from street level, so if there is a scooter blowing through at midnight, you will definitely hear it if your windows are open. Amsterdam is great and we were close enough to walk to everything but there is a tram system that you can hop on and off of. We really enjoyed our stay here!